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                                     In Campus ICT Facilities


Room number or Name of classrooms/Seminar Hall Type of  ICT  facility
Class room of Department of Chemistry (SB 1st Floor) Smart TV
Class room of Department of Physics (SB Ground Floor) Smart TV
 Class Room of Department of Human Physiology: New Building Smart TV
Room No.NB 09 [Adjacent to Department of Computer Science] Smart TV
GF-1 Smart TV and Projector
Seminar room Projector
SF-6 Smart TV, Projector




Type of  ICT  facility


1Desktop Computer  + Smart TV


1Desktop Computer +1 Laptop+ Smart TV + Projector

Mathematics 1Desktop Computer + PA Lecturm
Computer Science 52 Desktop Computers + 2 Laptops + 01 Smart TV
Human Physiology 1Desktop Computer ,1 Laptop, Smart TV
Zoology 1Desktop Computer
Botany 1Desktop Computer
English 1 Laptop + Smart TV (Language Lab)
Psychology 1 Laptop and 1Desktop Computer
Geography 02-Desktop Computers+ 1 Laptop+1Printer
Political Science  1 Laptop
Bengali 1 Laptop
Sanskrit 1 Laptop
Education 1 Laptop
History 1 Laptop
Commerce 1Desktop Computer


Photos of ICT enabled classes